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Corx game limited edition Corx Boy Corx Girl set. Corx game limited edition Corx Boy Corx Girl set.

Corx game limited edition Corx Boy Corx Girl set. Corx was an original unique game of hand and eye coordination with the characteristics of zen for two players. A dynamic game of skill, angles and action from the game concept of skilfully dropping and scoring the game pieces made of cork. This is a complete unused set from 10 years ago comprising of a Corx boy piece, a Corx girl piece, full instructions and lidded carry box. A number of different game variants are included in the instructions.
Corx the game was created by Rob Mnaley and Jonathan Unsworth with illustrations created by Pete Fowler.

Size: height 8 cms width 7.5 cms depth 4 cms

Not suitable for children under six years.

An unusual Fathers' day gift that is definitely not high tech!

Our Price: £4.99
House of Fraser Fraserbear 2006 by Russ Berrie House of Fraser Fraserbear 2006 by Russ Berrie

Brown plush Fraserbear 2006 with striped knitted jumper. In as new condition and not used as a toy.
Original ear shop tag missing.
Size:Seated height 31 cms
A lovely soft cuddly bear.

Our Price: £22.50
Remote control model golfer Remote Control Golfer - Marks and Spencer

Drive! Pitch! Putt!
Marks and Spencer Remote Control Golfer in excellent condition with full operating instructions and original box.
Operated by infra red remote control and includes one green with flag, one ball and three clubs: wood, putter and iron. The remote control unit doubles as the golf bag and holds the three clubs.
Test your golfing skills with a choice of driver, pitching iron and putter, the remote controlled golfer has variable power swing control allowing the right amount of power for shots. Full directional control allows the golfer to be repositioned to address the ball after each shot.

When this was originally available around twelve years ago in Marks and Spencer stores two individual infra-red signals were available allowing two golfers to challenge each other. These are identified by the reverse colouring of their clothes. This one has green trousers and golf bag controller and navy jumper. We would love to find another one to play against this one so if you have one let us know.

Battery information: Batteries included (Golfer 4 x AA alkaline, transmitter 1 x 9V

Made in China

Box size: wide: 21.5 cms high: 22.5 cms Golfer: approx. 18cms x 9cms x 11cms Remote: 20cms x 9cms x 8cms with clubs

Not suitable for children under 36 months due to small parts which constitutes a choking hazard.
Recommended for children of 8 years of age and above.

Our Price: £23.50